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Accessing Your Money

As a member of SWSCU no matter what your stage in life, we offer a variety of ways for Members to manage their banking and finances.
SWSCU has a number of services to make accessing your money as simple as possible.

Visa Debit Card

Our VISA Debit card enables you to use your own funds to purchase goods over the telephone, overseas and via the internet wherever Visa is accepted.

This facility is linked to your S1 General Savings account and can be used domestically and internationally.

There is no Annual Fee on this facility.

payWave facility available on all Visa Debit Cards.

Pay with your SWSCU Visa Debit Card using Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay

Telephone or visit your local branch to order your new VISA Debit Card.

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Internet Banking

Monitoring your finances has never been quite as easy since the inception of internet banking.

It’s fast, secure and free allowing you to access your accounts from anywhere, anytime, 365 days of the year.

Some features include:

  • Account Balances and Summaries
  • Transaction Listings with the ability to download
  • Transfer of funds between selected accounts, other financial institutions and ability to provide bulk payee transfer files
  • Add / Modify / Delete periodical payments
  • BPay and BPayView
  • View all memberships with one login
  • Online Statements
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Online Statements 

Online Statements give you instant online access to your SWSCU statements through your internet banking for free 24/7. When you register for online statements, you are electing to no longer receive paper statements. Not only is this a more convenient way to manage and receive statements, but by registering and printing only when you need, you'll also help reduce paper usage and its impact.

To register for online statements you need to login to your online SWSCU account and update your email address details under the My Preferences Tab.

Once we have your email address details you can register for online statements from the Account Options Tab and Online Statements Options.

You will receive an email or secure email to your online inbox when your statement is available.

To view your statements, login to your online banking account and select the Accounts tab and Online Statements.

When you elect to receive your statements electronically, the statement will be made available according to the usual statement cycle for that account, (eg monthly/six monthly)

Online Statements are PDF versions, to view a PDF document you will need Adobe Reader installed.

EnquireLearn moreCall 02 6384 1111


With added security to ensure your personal information is safe and sound, we have left no rock unturned.

Internet banking access can only be obtained once registered and a main access code is issued.

There are two (2) levels of security. Each level is determined by the daily transfer limit.

  1. Password – Limit $2,000
  2. SMS Alert – Unlimited or set at a limit of your choice. When using SMS security, a text message is sent to the pre-nominated mobile number. This password is then entered into your internet banking session to authorise the transfer.

When a new transfer is initiated to a new external account and the BSB and account combination is verified by SMS password it will become a “trusted” destination and will not require authentication for future transactions.

Should you hold multiple memberships linked to your internet access, all membership can be viewed using one login.

EnquireCall 02 6384 1111

Telephone Banking

A 24-hour access to your accounts via a secure, automated telephone service. This service offers BPay, account balances, interest paid on accounts, details of the last 10 transactions and transfer of funds between nominated accounts.

To register for Telephone Banking, simply call into one of our branches.

EnquireCall 02 6384 1111

Direct Debits

You can arrange with your supplier (e.g. Telstra) for payments to be automatically debited from your account. All you need to do is quote the BSB 802-367, membership account number and title.

Remember to always read the terms and conditions before entering into any contract.

Please ensure you have sufficient funds in your account to cover any direct debits as fees will apply if insufficient funds available. We suggest you check your account regularly to make sure the correct amount is debited from your account.

Should you wish to cancel your direct debit we will act promptly to cancel a direct debit facility linked to your transaction account if you ask us to do so. We will not tell you to try to cancel the facility with the biller or other direct debit user first but we may suggest that you also contact the direct debit user.

Should you advise us you wish to cancel only one of multiple payment arrangements associated with a single direct debit, we will advise you to establish a new facility for the payment arrangements you wish to maintain.

We will accept and process your complaint that a direct debit was not authorised or is otherwise irregular. However, we may request that you endeavour to resolve the complaint with the merchant or supplier first.

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Periodical Payments

What a great service! Setup regular payments to a third party or even to your own accounts. These could include: Kids accounts, loan accounts, credits cards, rates, phone bills or just regular savings accounts. Great for saving for that car registration which we always seem to forget about.

This service also has the ability to transfer the whole balance from one account to another. You can select your frequency, amount and number of payments to be made. If you are registered for internet banking you have the ability to add/modify/delete periodical payments at any time that suits you.

This facility is preferred more than the direct debit service, there no setup charges or dishonour fees imposed by SWSCU. You have full control unlike Direct Debits.

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Cheque Facility

You don’t need separate cheque and savings accounts, its simply attached to your S1 – General Savings account. This facility provides immediate access to your savings and is handy alternative to carrying cash, credit cards or obtaining a counter cheque.

There are two book sizes to cater for all types of memberships. You must be over the age of 18 to apply for this facility. It is always good practice to maintain sufficient funds in your account to cover the cheques you have written.

Consult our Fees and Charges Schedule for more information.

EnquireCall 02 6384 1111

Visa Classic Credit Card

Up to 55 days interest free on purchases, a low annual fee and credit limits start from as low as $500 with speedy approval.

Our Visa Card is attached to your S3 – Visa Classic Credit Card account and also gives you access to your S1 – General Savings. This way you are able to use your own funds or your credit facility.

Our Visa Classic Credit Card is accepted worldwide, so great to take overseas. You can make purchases in person, over the phone or internet. We can setup a minimum balance transfer, a whole balance transfer or a set amount from one of your nominated accounts to ensure you easy of payment.

Look at just how easy it is having all your facilities at one financial institution, being your local credit union.

Apply online or call in and pickup an application form.

EnquireCall 02 6384 1111

Direct Credits (Payroll)

This is the most effective way to receive funds. Simply quote the BSB 802-367 your membership number and title to have your pay credited to your account. Other credits can also be received such as superannuation, dividends, Centrelink payments or funds from a friend or family member.

It’s quick, and funds are available when credited to your account.

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Available via Internet Banking, Telephone Banking and over the counter. BPAY offers a fast, convenient facility to pay your bills at your leisure. Just look for the BPAY symbol on your bills. Regular payments can be made using BPAY®.

Simply contact one of our member service officers to find out more.

EnquireCall 02 6384 1111


BPAY View is an electronic bill presentment service that allows you to view and pay your bills through the security of your internet banking site.

This is a popular service allowing you to receive and view your bills via internet banking 24/7. All your bills can be received in one place. Once your bill is received you can pay at your convenience using the payment method of your choice. By receiving your bills online via BPAYview you are helping to save the environment.

EnquireCall 02 6384 1111


Is a method of transferring funds to another financial institution, we require the Account Title, BSB, Account Number and Reference (optional). Epays can be processed over the counter at any one of our branches or via internet banking (when registered). Regular payments can be made using Epay.

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Mobile Banking App

The new SWSCU Mobile Banking App launched in December 2017. It is FREE for members, quick and secure. Scroll through payments, transfer funds and pay bills with just a few taps. The Mobile Banking App is synchronised with Internet Banking, so your exsisting payees and billers are available already.

If you are registered with Internet Banking, you can simply download the app, register and start banking right away once this is launched in December.

To find out more about Mobile Banking Click here

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