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Are the online applications assessed instantly? No, savings and membership applications as well as any enquiries are assessed on the next business day. For any loan applications or enquiries, contact is also made on the next business day.

What application do I need to complete to open an account with SWSCU? If you would like to become a member with SWSCU you are required to complete a membership application form, as well as complete the verification of identification and send us a photo of yourself with your licence/passport.

To open a membership online, what identification do I need? For our online membership applications we will require more than one ID source (i.e. Driver Licence, Medicare Card, Passport etc.) The system will also check your details against the Australian Electoral Role and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission database. We will also require a photograph of yourself holding your photo ID (with the ID being legible).

How long will it take for my online loan application to be assessed and hopefully approved? Contact is made the next business day outlining the documents we require to assess an application. Once we receive all required documents it will depend on the complexity of the loan to when it will be approved or not.




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