Laboratories Credit Union Limited


If I choose Online Statements does that mean I get my statements via email? No, online statements are accessed through your Internet Banking login. You will receive an email notification when a statement is available.

Do you have to have Internet Banking to have Online Statements? Yes.

Where do I access my statements online? You can access your statements through our desktop internet banking site. Simply go to the Accounts tab and select Online Statements.

How far back can I go when searching for statements? You can only go as far back to when you set up online statements. For example, your Online Statements were enabled on 1 January 2018, so any statements created after then you will have access to.

Are there any fees associated with Online Statements? No, receiving your statements online does not incur a fee.

Can I still get paper statements if I have Online Statements? Yes, if you request to receive both paper and online statements.

If I change to Online Statements can I go back to paper statements? Yes, of course.

How do I access my Online Statements after my accounts are closed? Please contact one of our branches for copies of statements on closed accounts.