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Banking on the go

Banking on the go is easy with South West Slopes Credit Union's mobile banking app. It is FREE for members, quick and secure.

If you are registered already for Internet Banking, you can simply download the app, register and start banking right away. The simplified digital banking feature is synchronised with Internet Banking, so your exsisting payees and billers are already available.

The South West Slopes Credit Union app provides a secure and convenient way to bank 24/7.


With the South West Slopes Credit Union App you can:

  •  Quick account balance with a single tap
  •  Transfer funds and pay bills
  •  Manage payees
  •  View transactions
  •  Locate nearest ATM
  •  View interest rates and products
  • Activate a new card
  •  Unlock and Lock a card
  •  Use calculators
  •  Apply online
  • Set up future and recurring payments

Download the app


App Help

  What do I need to register the app?
You will need to be registered for Internet Banking before being able to use the South West Slopes Credit Union banking app. You will need to know your log in details for Internet Banking to register for the app, If you are not registered for Internet Banking, please contact the South West Slopes Credit Union to arrange this.
  How do I register the app?
When you first download the app, click on on Account Balance on the home screen to register. Log in using your Internet Banking log in details. You will then be asked to create a PIN or pattern or Finergerprint ID which will be then used to log in to the app.
  Is my mobile app PIN the same as my card PIN?
Your PIN or pattern is chosen when you register for the Mobile App and gain access to your account. For security reasons we recommend that you chose a different PIN to that on your Visa Debit Card, you should keep your mobile app PIN or pattern confidential.
  Does the App require an Internet connection to work?
The app will need an Internet connection to register, retrieve your latest balances and transaction details and perform payments and functions.
  What is fingerprint login?
Fingerprint login allows members to log in to their mobile banking app by scanning their fingerprint on their phone (home button). This feature is only available to Apple devices.
  What if fingerprint doesn't work for me after registering my fingerprint?
After 5 unsuccessful login attempts using your fingerprint ID your login will become disabled, and you will be asked to enter your 4 digit device passcode. This is a security safeguard built into Touch ID, and applies to our app aswell.
  What is quick balance?
Quick balance is a feature on our mobile banking app that gives you the option to view your balance of your nominated account without having to log in to the app.
  How do I activate quick balance?

To turn quick balance on, log in to the app, select 'settings' select 'set quick balance account', once you have switched quick balance on, to use it, open South West Slopes Credit Union's mobile banking app, and double tap on account balance tile on the home page.

Ýou can only nominate one account for quick balance.

By turning on this feature, you agree that the balance of your selected account will be made available on your device without any additional authentification. Consequently, anyone with access to your device will be able to access the App and view this balance.

  Is quick balance safe?

Yes, by activating quick balance, only your account balance is shown, essentially in the event that your phone was lost or stolen, your sensitive information remains protected. Anyone using your phone would be required to guess your 4 digit passcode to be able to access your personal information.

  Can I process a BPAY payment using the mobile banking app?
Yes,  simply select the biller from your account list or add in new biller details and proceed with the payment
  Can I process a Third Party Transfer using the mobile banking app?

Yes, simply select the payee details from your account list or add in a new payee and proceed with the payment

  Can I process a redraw?
Yes, you are able to redraw through Internet banking and the mobile banking app, there is no fee to complete a redraw


  Can I print my receipt?
As it is not possible to print a receipt from your phone, you will need to take a manual note or a screenshot of the transaction receipt.
  Are there payment limits for transfers made via the South West Slopes Credit Union banking app?
The same limits that are in operation for Internet Banking apply to transfers made with the mobile app.
  Can I use the South West Slopes Credit Union banking app while overseas?
Yes, you may access your account while overseas via the mobile banking app as long as you are connected to international roaming. Additional carrier charges may apply for web access to mobile banking while overseas.
  What happens if I forget my PIN or pattern?
If you cannot remember your PIN or pattern, you will need to deregister the app via the forget log in option. This option will be visible on the screen where you would normally enter your PIN or pattern. Follow the prompts to re-register your app. You will be required to enter your Internet Banking log in details to re-register the app. If you do not remember this information you would be required to contact South West Slopes Credit Union to have your access re set.


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