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Fees and Charges & Transaction Limits

This document must be read together with the Summary of Accounts and Availability of Access Facilities and the Conditions of Use.

Together these brochures form the Conditions of Use for the South West Slopes Credit Union Account & Access Facility.

Excess Transaction Fees

Per calendar month per membership

Note: Excess Transaction Fees are incurred when the number of Free Transactions for the month are exceeded.

These fees will be charged at the end of the month.

See Member Rewards Relationship Balance table for further reference.

The below fees combined form the “Excess Transaction Fees”

ATM transactions

$1.00 per excess transaction.


$1.00 per excess transaction. Visa Cards are exempt IF (CR) account is selected when completing purchase transaction at EFTPOS terminal.

ATM Balance Enquiry

$0.50 cents per excess transaction.

Cash or Cheque Withdrawals – Over the Counter

$1.00 per excess transaction. Cheque Withdrawals include Budget (periodical payment) Cheques.

EPays (Electronic Transfers) – Over the Counter

$1.00 per excess transaction.

Member Cheques

$1.00 per excess transaction.

Direct Debits

$1.00 per excess transaction.

Member Rewards Relationship Balance Table

Relationship Balance Number of Free Transactions Long Standing Members (> 15 years) Additional Free
$ 0 – $ 3,000 10 5
$ 3,001 – $ 5,000 12 5
$ 5,001 – $ 8,000 16 5
$ 8,001 – $20,000 20 5
$ 20,001 – $50,000 30 5
$ 50,001 – $80,000 40 5
Greater – $80,000 50 5

Your relationship balance is the sum of your savings, loans and investment accounts within your membership.

The Relationship Balance is calculated on the opening balance on the first day of each month.

Members who maintain a relationship balance of more than $3000 within their membership, will receive an increasing number of free transactions. (see table)

We reward you for being a long standing member (>15 years) with an additional 5 free transactions. While also looking after our younger members, under the age of 18 years, with a maximum of 30 free transactions per month.

When all free transactions have been exhausted the “Excess Transaction Fee” will apply. Unused free transactions are not carried forward to the next month

Other Fees and Charges

Member Cheque Books

A fee of $8.00 per 25 leaf cheque book applies. A fee of $20.00 per 100 leaf cheque book applies. This fee is charged at the time of ordering.

Member Cheque Dishonour Fee

A fee of $15.00 will be charged, when any Member cheque is dishonoured.

Cheque Deposit Dishonour Fee

A fee of $5.00 will be charged, when a cheque is deposited to a Member’s account which is subsequently dishonoured. 

Direct Debits Dishonour Fee

A fee of $15.00 is applied where an authority to directly debit an account is dishonoured due to insufficient funds in the nominated account.

Referral Fee

A fee of $10.00 is applied each time a member’s account is overdrawn without arrangements as a result of a cheque or direct debit being honoured.

Dormant Account Fee

A $10.00 annual fee applies to accounts on which there has been no member generated activity for at least 2 years and the member has not responded to advice from the Credit Union.

Duplicate Member Statement Fee

Duplicate member statements can be provided at a cost of $3.00 per statement.

Cheque Trace Fee

A $45.00 fee (payable to CUSCAL) will be charged to establish final destination (who received the cheque value).

Member Cheque (Copy / Enquiry)

A $25.00 fee ($23.00 payable to CUSCAL) will be charged to produce a copy or enquiry of cheque details.

Electronic Payment Fee

A $25.00 fee ($22.72 payable to CUSCAL) will be charged to establish

  • Direct Entry final destination, Direct Entry Manual Dishonour (who received the electronic payment value),
  • BPAY Enquiry and BPAY error Correction
  • Mistaken Payment


Incoming IPEX/SWIFT Payment a $10.00 fee ($6.81 payable to CUSCAL) will be charged per RTGS Domestic Inbound transactions.

Outgoing IPEX/SWIFT Payment a $15.00 fee ($11.92 payable to CUSCAL) will be charged per RTGS Domestic Outbound transactions.

Document Recovery / Search Fee

Requests for copies of Deposit/Withdrawal receipts or documents (excluding loan documents) will be charged at our discretion on a time spent basis, with fee being $15.00 per 30 minutes or part thereof of search time with a minimum charge of $15.00.  First 15 minutes is free.  

Bank Audit Letter

Requests for Bank Audit documentation will be charged at our discretion on a time spent basis, with a minimum fee being $20.00 and then $15.00 per 30 minutes thereof.

Safe Custody facility 

For new lodgements only a $15 p.a. fee

Visa Cards

Emergency card or cash overseas

Approved USD$175.00 per card

If request is declined or cancelled USD $50.00 per card

Currency Conversion Fee

Visa Credit 1.5% of transaction amount will apply to any foreign currency.

Visa Debit 2% of transaction amount will apply to any foreign currency.

Card Replacement Fees

Where replacement of a Visa Card is required, a $15.00 card replacement fee is payable at the time of requesting the new card.  There is no charge for renewal or expired cards.

Chargeback & Voucher Retrieval Fee

Minimum of $30.00 per transaction lodged per Visa Dispute plus any additional fees incurred.

Minimum of $20.00 per transaction lodged per EFT Dispute plus any additional fees incurred.

Overlimit Fee

When a Visa Credit Card is over the approved credit limit a $30.00 fee applies.

Annual Fee

Visa Classic Credit Card $30.00 per annum.

Monthly Repayment

Visa Classic Credit Card has a minimum monthly repayment of 3% of the account debit balance on the last day of the statement period or $20.00 whichever is the greater or the account balance if it less than $20.00.

Transaction Fees

Excess Transaction fees do not apply where the <credit> option is selected at EFTPOS terminals.  Cash out option not available at EFTPOS terminals where <credit> option is selected for all Visa Cards.   Up to 55 days interest free on purchases applies to Visa Credit cards. 


Property Valuation

Payable to the Valuer. Prices will vary depending on location, from $88.00.

Solicitors & Third Party Fees

There may be additional fees charged by Third Parties for Agent Fees, Mortgage Security Registration, Handling and Discharge of Mortgage.

Personal Property Securities Register

Registration Fee $6.00 per registration

Amend a Financing Statement $6.00 per amendment

Search Fee $2.00 per search

Service Registration Fee of $5.00 on each security (payable to SWSCU)

Land Title Search Fee

Land Title Search fee of $17.10 per search.

Service Fee of $9.00 on each search (payable to SWSCU)


Effective: 16 September 2019

* Third Party Fees and Charges – Any Fees and Charges charged to the Credit Union, including Government charges or charges by other Financial Institutions for products and services obtained on behalf of the member/s will be passed on to the member/s. All fees and charges, unless specified otherwise, will be charged to the account on the day it is incurred. All third party fees are subject to change without notice.

The ATM Direct Charging Fee is charged by the ATM Owner at the time of the transaction (ATM Partner Fee). This fee is at the discretion of the ATM Owner. SWSCU has no control over this fee. All rediATM’s are fee free for all our members Australia wide with unlimited usage. For more information and locations please visit




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